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Andria Degens: vocals, guitar, ebows, Elka synth
Hugo Race: steel-string guitar, treatments
Franco Naddei - Korg MS20
Dan Price: bass
Otto Hauser: drums


Flames dancing in their own light
There, within deep dreaming,
Light descending down toward me
And I surrender to their love

Faces I have seen before
Gather round, in a round
You stand shining like the sun
And I am fire burning blue flame
You’re the one. You’re the one.
You’re the one. You’re the one.

Upon this mountain above the clouds
Your eyes shine so brightly
I’ve never seen eyes that burn so brightly

‘Cause we are starlight,
The elevation of a dream
We are starlight
The elevation of a dream

My hands they are taking, my palms they are kissing
My heart they are filling, now my head is spinning
We are starlight