Collaborations | Contributions

2023 Arksong 'Look Homeward Angel'. Track: 'One Kind'. Andria Degens: Vocals

2012 Strings Of Consciousness 'Beyond Love'. Track 'Sleepwalker'. Andria Degens: Lyrics, Vocals

2011 Lüüp 'Meadow RItuals'. Track: 'Spiralling' and 'See You In Me'. Andria Degens: Lyrics, Vocals

2009 Jeff Zentner 'The Dying Days Of Summer'.Track: 'Lights On The Hill'. Andria Degens: Harmonium, Bass, Vocals

2006 Current 93 'Black Ships Ate The Sky'. Track 'Idumea' by Pantaleimon: vocals, Appalachian dulcimer, harmonica, arrangement.

2021 Arksong 'Ruin Valley Rising'. Track: 'Come to the Table' Andria Degens: Vocals

2012 Julien Demoulin 'Shine' EP. Track: 'Dream Canvas'. Andria Degens: words, vocals

2009 Hugo Race 'Between Hemispheres' Track 'On Heat'. Pantaleimon: Harmonium

2007 Hobotalk 'Homesick For Nowhere'.Track: 'Between the Graveyard and Your Door'. Andria Degens: Vocals

1996 Dirty Three 'Horse Stories' Track: 'Horse'  Contribution: Vocals

1996 Dirty Three 'Horse Stories' Track: 'Horse'. Andria Degens: Vocals

Film Soundtracks | Narration | Exhibitions

Short films - 'The Dead Letters: I Hate You For Leaving (2010) Light Dark (2009) Above Below (2008) Directed by Cam Archer. Narration by Andria Degens. Featured in the Cinemad Almanac 2009

2006 Susan Stengers' 'Soundtrack for an Exhibition' at Musée Art Contemporainin, Lyon, France / Forma. Andria Degens composed a number of tracks featured on day 31/32 of the exhibition. Featured in the accompanying book/CD

2006 'WIld Tigers I Have Known' directed by Cam Archer. Soundtrack featured tracks 'Idumea' and exclusive instrumental track 'High Star' by Pantaleimon